Would You Take Your Daughter To A Strip Club!? #RHOATODDTUCKER

We all know that things in life have changed especially the interactions we have with our child.  However old schoolers kids probably don’t cuss, smoke or drink around their parents no matter how old they are, but the new schoolers are a little more lenient of these things.  But whether it be the new school […]

Drea Kelly & Daughter Buku Abi Sit Down To Talk R Kelly Updates [VIDEO]

It’s been sometime since the initial airing of “Surviving R. Kelly” on Lifetime and the life as R. Kelly seems to have changed considerably since then. R Kelly has been to jail then released, he has been made to perform at small venues for money, taken back to jail, made to pay all his back […]

John Singleton’s Daughter Say’s Her Dad Is Not In A COMA!!

A week ago it was reported that ‘Boyz in The Hood’ director had been hospitalized after suffering a stroke.  We then reported yesterday that according to the famous directors mother his stroke was much worse than reported and that he was in a coma and she was seeking conservatorship. But it is now being reported the […]

What Does Lisa Van Allen’s Teenage Daughter Think Of Her Truth? [VIDEO]

Lisa Van Allen has been running the full gamut of interviews since ‘Surviving R Kelly’ and it seems the more she talks the more we hear. As a matter of fact her latest Robert Kelly revelation was that Rob was sleeping with both Aaliyah and her mother, a story that she alleges was told to […]

R. Kelly’s Daughter Joann Say’s He’s A Monster

R Kelly has said in his song ‘I Wish’, Honey Love goes platinum and y’all ass come around, But y’all don’t wanna raise the roof, Until my s$@t is going down.  And since ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ it seems like down is exactly what his s$@t  has been doing.  Now it’s being reported that Kelly’s own […]

Pam From “Martin” Tichina Arnold’s Daughter Slayed India Arie [VIDEO]

We all knew Tichina Arnold could blow but who knew her baby girl could. Check out Tichina’s daughter slay ‘India Arie’ Song right here

J.R. Smith’s Daughter Breathing Tube Removed, She Is Breathing On Her Own [VIDEO]

CONGRATULATIONS AND MANY BLESSINGS ARE IN ORDER!! J.R. Smith’s Daughter Breathing Tube Removed, She Is Breathing On Her Own…see video here

Bunny Debarge Says Flag On The Play: Janet Jackson DNA Story Not Exactly True

It has been reported that a woman in Philadelphia a 96.7% DNA match to be Janets Jackson and James Debarge long hidden daughter. Well DeBarge’s sister has cone out and said that not only is that story not exactly true and her mother, Etterlene Debarge, may have been taken advantage of. According to Bunny DeBarge via […]

Woman Claiming To Be Janet Jackson’s Daughter Is A 96.7% Match?? [VIDEO]

DeBarge matriarch met with a Philadelphia woman claiming to be Janet Jackson and James Debarge’s daughter is allegedly a 96.7% match?? see video here

James DeBarge Is Claiming Again There Is A Janet Jackson Daughter?? [VIDEO]

James DeBarge Is Claiming Again There Is A Janet Jackson Daughter That He Just Found Out About??? See video here