R. Kelly’s Not Being Able To Read May Be Working For Him in Court

R. Kelly has been going through a public legal hail storm after the airing of ‘Survivng R. Kelly’, but the one thing everybody agrees on including the Lifetime Documentary is that Kell’s is illiterate/can’t read, and now the court agree’s that because of his reading carrier that might be the reason that he hasn’t addressed […]

Jussie Smollett Wants Lights, Camera, Action In Court [VIDEO]

Jussie Smollett showed up for a court hearing in Chicago that he didn’t have to attend. Smollett came to court dressed to impress then did what almost no one has ever done and that is to ask that the cameras be allowed in court. Jussie believes he has nothing to hide nor does he believe […]

R Kelly In Jail Without No Bail Money!? [VIDEO]

The backyard party is not going down just yet because it’s being reported that R Kelly is still in jail because he has not been able to raise his 10% of a million dollars to get out. Robert Kelly appeared in court where a judge ordered a million dollar bond. Allegedly according to his attorney […]

Rihanna Is Suing Her Daddy!!?? [VIDEO]

Well since we all came from a woman, got our name from a woman, got our game from a woman…Well that’s only the case if you’re maybe a single woman and in the case of singer Rihanna, she got her last name ‘Fenty’ from her daddy and now she is suing him over it. It’s […]

Cardi B’s No Show In Court Could Lead To Arrest!? [VIDEO]

Rapper Cardi B back in the summer allegedly was involved in a strip club beat down that now has led to legal action but Cardi B was a no show for court and it’s being said that eventually it lead to the new mommy being arrested. Check out the video here

Prosecution Rests Their Case In The Shooting Death Of Laquan McDonald [VIDEO]

Was this a checkmate? Prosecutors rested their case against Jason Van Dyke after former FBI agent Urey Patrick testified that the shooting of Laquan McDonald was unjustified. Check out the video here

“The Cosby Show” Actress Shows Her Ta Ta’s In Protest Of Bill Cosby [VIDEO]

A protester was identified as Nicolle Rochelle, 39, an actress who appeared in several episodes of “The Cosby Show.” appeared topless in protest of Bill Cosby at a Philly courthouse. Check out the video here

Lottery Winner Fights For Her Right to Remain Anonymous [VIDEO]

If you hit the lottery would you really want the whole world to know who you are and what you look like? Lottery winner in New Hampshire fights for her right to remain anonymous

Things Are Not Looking Good For Trey Songz In Court [VIDEO]

Trey Songz is getting his day in court after allegedly tearing up a Detroit concert stage however a judge ruled to allow video of Trey Songz saying F the police to be entered as evidence…check out the video here

Chris Brown Has Officially Been Served [VIDEO]

Chris Brown has finally been served court papers while at a night club allegedly…see video here