Janet Jackson Says She Back With The 411 Especially For Her Fans [VIDEO]

Do you think that Janet will be back to her normal self performing since she is no longer with her husband? If she was still married, do you think her concert would be different?    Check out what  Janet Has to say in a video to her fans here…

Beyonce Encourages Woman To Vote Live In Cleveland [VIDEO]

Beyonce Encourages Woman To Vote Live In Cleveland…see video here

Beyonce Rips Her Earlobe In Concert But Keeps Performing While Bleeding (VIDEO)

Beyonce while performing in Brooklyn accidentally rips her earring out while performing but she kept going even though she was bleeding and never skipped a beat…check out the video

“The Revolution” Band Reunites At The Legendary First Avenue Club (VIDEO)

This was the ultimate Prince tribute!! The Revolution reunited at the legendary First Avenue Club in Minneapolis, Minnesota…check out the video

Over 40 People Injured At Snoop Dogg’s Concert When Rail Collapse In New Jersey (VIDEO)

Over 40 People Injured At Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa’s Concert In New Jersey…see live video here Live Footage

Toni Braxton “Man Enough For Me” Live In The ATL (VIDEO)

Toni Braxton “Man Enough For Me” Live In Atlanta…see video here

Lauryn Hill Explains Her Concert Tardiness (VIDEO)

Lauryn Hill took to her Facebook page to explain her concert tardiness…check out the video and post message

Monica: From Miss Thang To Code Red

R&B singer Monica has been alive and well on social media, but we haven’t heard from her musically since her 2012 New Life album. She is currently on tour promoting her highly anticipated new album Code Red while sporting her new red hair. After having the opportunity to see “The Code Red Experience,” it was […]