Will And Jada Rock Out Hard To Their Own Kids In Their Car [VIDEO]

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are well respected for their entertaining endeavors.  Not to mention have held their marriage together in time and age when divorce is just part of the norm in relationships.  But with all the fame we often don’t recognize that they are parents who have raised children just like you […]

Janet Jackson Gave Someones Dad An Extended Fathers Day Surprise

Keith Strawder Sr son thought it would be cool to give his father Janet Jackson tickets for Fathers Day, well when Senior opened his gift his reaction was so shocking that his son decided to put the video on Twitter for giggles. Janet Jackson’s team seen the video and thought it was so dope that […]

Jay & Bey’s “On The Run” Dancers Stomp Fan On Stage In The ATL [VIDEO]

Who needs security when you got dancers? During a Beyonce’ & Jay-Z concert in Atlanta a crazy fan went Apesh**t and jumped on stage. Now you might think it was security or maybe even Jay-Z that issued that fool a beat down but NO, their dancers took it to another level and went Kirk Franklin […]

14 Hurt At Backstreet Boys Concert [VIDEO]

14 people were sent to the hospital Saturday after a storm knocked over concert entrance trusses at an outdoor concert venue hosting the Backstreet Boys. Check out the video here

Bey & Jay Z OTR II Slayed Cleveland, FirstEnergy Stadium Last Night [VIDEO]

The Carter’s, Beyonce’ and Jay-Z, brought their OTR to Cleveland, where they transformed then slayed FirstEnergy Stadium last night. Check out the video here

Live on Stage Color Me Badd Goes From “I Wanna Sex You Up” To A Beat Down!!?? [VIDEO]

This was definitely not the Best of Color Me Badd. 90’s singing group Color Me Badd was performing “I want to sex you up” live on stage without member Bryan Abrams. Bryan was backstage on his phone waiting for the concert to finish so he could come out and literally knock Mark Calderon down. Check […]

YES!! Queen Ex-Factor Lauryn Hill Remixes Drake’s “Nice For What” With a Litte Tea & Shade!! [VIDEO]

Here is what you do when your are the Queen and the new school needs a lesson on what the difference is between being “creative” and being the “creator”. Lauryn Hill will be touring again and recently at a show she performed “Ex-Factor” from her master piece album, certified 8 times platinum in the U.S., […]

Act Of Terrorism Kills Many Ariana Grande Concert Goers [VIDEO]

Its being called an act of terrorism. After a deadly bomb was let off at an Ariana Grande concert last night. Ariana has chosen to suspend her tour. Check out the videos here

Foxy Brown Stepped On Stage And Her Fans Booed Too Much [VIDEO]

Rapper Foxy Brown is back, however her fans in Philly booed her off the stage, for allegedly showing up 3 hours late…check out the video here

Janet Jackson Says She Back With The 411 Especially For Her Fans [VIDEO]

Do you think that Janet will be back to her normal self performing since she is no longer with her husband? If she was still married, do you think her concert would be different?    Check out what  Janet Has to say in a video to her fans here…