Praise Yeezus!? Kanye West Is Having Easter ‘Sunday Service’ At Coachella

If your not familiar with Kanye’s ‘Sunday Service’, it is a spiritual uplifting, healing service that is attended by people of positive spiritual being by invite only and of course presided over by no other than Kanye West himself.  Yes if you didn’t know or get it, Kanye West has his own Church. According to […]

Solange Will Be A No Show For Coachella !?

After her sister Beyonce’ made history last year with her iconic performance at Coachella 2018, a show that was so electrifying that NETFLIX just officially announced they are releasing a documentary about it, “HOMECOMING: A Film by Beyonce”, set to stream April 17th, it’s now being reported that Solange  will be a no show for […]

The Queen Bey Story Is Coming To NETFLIX ‘Homecoming’ [Official Trailer]

The Beyhive’s have been buzzing about the Queen Bey story coming to NETFLIX after the streaming service put out over the weekend a yellow banner that had ‘HOMECOMING’ on it.  And now it seems like all buzz is true, Beychella is making it’s way to the silver screen. NETFLIX has made it official by dropping […]

It’s Official Beyonce’ Won’t Be Leaning Back In A Chair At Coachella [VIDEO]

It has been official announced that Beyonce’ will not be performing at this years Coachella that she was scheduled to headline due to doctors orders…see video here

N.W.A Reunited For Coachella (VIDEO)

N.W.A Reunited For Coachella…check out the video

Ice Cube On The Mic Live At Coachella (VIDEO)

Ice Cube On The Mic Live At Coachella…check out the video

Johnny Manziel: Instead Of Getting Treatment He Went To Coachella? (VIDEO)

Johnny Manziel: Instead Of Getting Treatment He Went To Coachella?  Check out the video