Cardi B Went In On NYPD and Told Them To Suck Something !? [VIDEO]

Cardi B looking out for the kids in NYC was helping a friend with a back to school supply drive, when police shut it down saying due to safety issues. NYPD say’s that the event wasn’t cancelled but postponed. Cardi B said this to NYPD “SUCK A FART AND SUFFOCATE ON IT” live!!  She offered […]

Cardi B Having a $400K Party for Her Baby’s 1st Birthday!?

You can’t compete with her if you wanted to, these expensive, these is red bottoms and a $400K baby 1st birthday party boo. It’s being reported that Cardi B is not sparing any expense as it pertains to her baby Kulture’s 1st birthday.  The taking the world by storm rapper is allegedly dropping $400K on […]

Cardi Fresh Off BET Awards To Plead Not Guilty In Court!? [VIDEO]

Cardi B rocked the 2019 BET Awards stage on Sunday night only to have to rock out at a court house on Tuesday. Rapper Cardi B was arraigned Tuesday on new felony charges in connection with a fight last year at a New York City strip club. She pleaded not guilty to attempted assault. The […]

Cardi B Shuts Down Concert Before Even Taking The Stage

Cardi B shutdown an entire music festival in Baltimore before even taking the stage, better yet before the festival even started. Cardi B was scheduled to headline the Spring Bling Festival in Baltimore, Maryland this coming up Memorial Day weekend, but due to complications from a cosmetic surgery Cardi B chose her health over music and […]

Offset Gave Cardi B a Mothers Day Fit For A Queen!! [VIDEO]

Migos rapper Offset and his wife, rapper Cardi B, were having troubles at the beginning of the year but it seems like their working it out and Offset showed his wife just how much he loved her this Mothers Day. Cardi B woke up this Mothers Day to a living room full of roses, two […]

Speak On It: Cardi B Went LIVE 3 Years Ago About Drugging & Robbing!? [VIDEO]

It has been reported that Cardi B is suing some bloggers for speaking non-truths about her. But now there is a video that Cardi B went LIVE on 3 years ago making it’s rounds on the internet, where she is going off about what she did back in the day to make things happen for […]

Cardi B & Bruno Mars ‘Please Me’ Is Pleasing To The Eyes [VIDEO]

Card B and Bruno Mars musical chemistry is evident lyrical and visually as they wowed the world with how they dripped ‘Finesse’ on us now they have done it again as they have dropped their latest new hit single official video ‘Please Me’ that is oh so pleasing to not only your ears but your […]

Too Cute: Cardi B Shows Us a Beautiful Baby Kulture Jammin

Cardi B has only given people quick glimpses of her and Offset’s baby girl Kulture since she has been born. Last night Cardi B went Live to show us her beautiful baby girl, Kulture, that looks like a mini Cardi B by the way, laughing while jammin to her favorite Hip Hop song ‘Ric Flair […]

Cardi B Goes Live Talks Jussie Smollett [VIDEO]

Opinions are like ‘A’ holes and everyone has one especially as it pertains to Jussie Smollett’s attack.  The world was in shock as the news of his attack broke but now the world is in journalist mode as there is a uprising of people giving their thoughts on the possibility that the attack was staged.   […]

New Music: Cardi B and Bruno Mars ‘Please Me’

There’s a new tag team in town and they are doing nothing but finessing out hits to please you. Cardi B and Bruno Mars dropped the news about theier 24K Magic North American tour then dropped a new single behind the news that is smashing up the charts already titled ‘Please Me’. The new dynamic […]