Too Cute: Cardi B Shows Us a Beautiful Baby Kulture Jammin

Cardi B has only given people quick glimpses of her and Offset’s baby girl Kulture since she has been born. Last night Cardi B went Live to show us her beautiful baby girl, Kulture, that looks like a mini Cardi B by the way, laughing while jammin to her favorite Hip Hop song ‘Ric Flair […]

Cardi B Goes Live Talks Jussie Smollett [VIDEO]

Opinions are like ‘A’ holes and everyone has one especially as it pertains to Jussie Smollett’s attack.  The world was in shock as the news of his attack broke but now the world is in journalist mode as there is a uprising of people giving their thoughts on the possibility that the attack was staged.   […]

New Music: Cardi B and Bruno Mars ‘Please Me’

There’s a new tag team in town and they are doing nothing but finessing out hits to please you. Cardi B and Bruno Mars dropped the news about theier 24K Magic North American tour then dropped a new single behind the news that is smashing up the charts already titled ‘Please Me’. The new dynamic […]

Cardi B Goes Off On Haters Then Deletes Her IG, After Making History [VIDEO]

Cardi B had an amazing Sunday making Grammy history with being the only female rapper to ever win Best Rap album.  After giving a genuine emotionally acceptance speech in which should have been one of the happiest moments in her life.   But you do know everybody doesn’t want to see you smile, right?  Especially if […]

Meet Beyonce’ And Cardi B’s Secret Hit Weapon, Nija Charles [VIDEO]

21 year old Nija Charles was chillin in her dorm room at New York University making beats not too long ago.   Somebody gave her a shot told her to drop the beats now she is the secret weapon to some of the hottest music stars number one hits. At 13 years old Nija Charles […]

Cardi B Made Grammy Awards History [VIDEO]

Last nights 2019 Grammy Awards show not only highlighted the history of Grammy music past, but this years show was full of historical moments. Ex Love and Hip Hop star, Cardi B, not only dropped jaws with her Grammy red carpet outfit, raised the masses from their seats with her electrifying performance but she was […]

Cardi B & Lil Jon Score a TD In This Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial [VIDEO]

A Hail Mary is being thrown even before Super Bowl 53 kicks off this Sunday at 6:30 pm on the frozen tundra of Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA. With the temperatures being predicted in the 20’s in Atlanta this Sunday and the last thing you may want is a cold Pepsi, this Pepsi Super Bowl […]

Cardi B Speaks On Government Shutdown [VIDEO]

As we are closing in on a month of the Government Shutdown, the longest in U.S. history, families across the country are feeling the pressures of not having an income and being expected to come to work without pay. Call-offs across the board are starting to airport security, as we need TSA agents for our […]

Cardi B’s Publicist, Patientce Lost Her Patience With Disrespect [VIDEO]

Cardi B and her crew were walking through an Australia airport when an older woman approached Cardi B for a photo. Cardi B, who was covered in a blanket quietly declined. The woman didn’t want to take no for an answer decided to poke the bear and disrespectfully said “No wonder your husband left ya,” […]

Cardi B “Money” Official Video Is Risqué and Fire

The one thing that Cardi B will never be accused of is not putting things out there the way she see’s it. The thing is, was hearing it enough, did we need a visual? Cardi B released her official video to her hit single “Money” and oddly enough much like the song it’s hot as […]