Summer Bunni Part Of Cardi B, Nicki Minaj Rap Beef Too?? [VIDEO]

Talk about mixing business and pleasure. First Cardi B announces that she is having a nothing but love divorce from her husband of 1 year, Migos member Offset. Then Offset’s alleged mistress Summer Bunni gets all emotional and full of remorse on a video after learning that she may be the reason for Cardi’s and […]

Offset’s Side Boo Is Upset About Him And Cardi B’s Pending Divorce!? [VIDEO]

WTH!! This is so strange! Cardi B announced that she and Migos member Offset, her baby fawva, are not together any longer and will be getting a divorce. She made the announcement via an Instagram video in which she says she still has love for him but their relationship just isn’t working. Cardi B seemed […]

Cardi B And Her Baby Fawva Offset Are Getting A Divorce!? [VIDEO]

Just as quickly as Cardi B’s stardom, becoming a mother and marriage to Migos member “Offset” have came out of what seems like no where, Cardi B took to Instagram to announce that they are heading to divorce already. She said that she has been trying to work things out with her baby fawva for […]

Cardi B’s No Show In Court Could Lead To Arrest!? [VIDEO]

Rapper Cardi B back in the summer allegedly was involved in a strip club beat down that now has led to legal action but Cardi B was a no show for court and it’s being said that eventually it lead to the new mommy being arrested. Check out the video here

Cardi B Challenges Migos Offset To A Rap Battle !? [VIDEO]

Talk about keeping things fresh in a relationship!! Rapper Cardi B’s husband/baby daddy is, THE MIGOS group member, Offset. Well as if you don’t go through enough battles in a relationship, Cardi B is throwing the gauntlet down and challenging Offset to a rap battle. Do you think work competition is healthy for a marriage? […]

Cardi B Rolled Up In CVS At Midnight Looking Just Like Our Mama’s Used Too [VIDEO]

No matter what blessings life have bestowed on rapper Cardi B, she has not lost herself in the glam and glamour as a matter of fact she keeps it real 100% and who can’t respect that. Cardi B needed to run to the CVS at midnight and Cardi a recent new mommy rolled up just […]

Mo’Nique Gives Her Two Cents On The Kevin Hart & Katt Williams Beef Plus Nicki & Cardi B’s [VIDEO]

You know that saying “opinions are like butt holes, everybody’s got one”? But that doesn’t keep us from finding others opinions entertaining none the less espicially comedian Mo’Nique’s. Mo’Nique decided to sit down to speak on today’s trending beefs between Kevin Hart and Katt Williams as well as Nicki Minaj and Cardi B’s plus offer […]

Nicki Minaj Says Cardi B Payola’d Her Way to The Top!!?? [VIDEO]

In the world of entertainment being accused of being hot because of payola is just as bad as saying someone slept their way to the top and that is just what Nicki Minaj is allegedly accusing Cardi B of. Check out the video here

Cardi B Went L&HH And Jumped Nicki Minaj??!! [VIDEO]

While dressed to the nines at a New York Fashion Week party, Cardi B decided to kick her very expensive shoes off and went “Love & Hip Hop” on Nicki Minaj. Check out the video here

Migos Rapper Offset Gets Daughter’s Name Tattooed On His Jaw!!?? [VIDEO]

Is this going a little bit too far? Migos rapper and Cardi B’s baby daddy “Offset” shared an Instagram photo of his latest tattoo, “Kulture” written in along his left jawline. Check out the video here