Donald Trump Retweets Bill Clinton Had Something To Do With Epstein’s Death!?

Jeffrey Epstein an alleged sex trafficker that was selling off girls as young as 14 years old to his rich homies.  This wasn’t the first time he was legally called to the carpet for trafficking charges.  Jeffrey Epstein allegedly tried to kill himself weeks ago but some alleged that it was prisoners coming for him. […]

Presidents Bush’s Funeral Brought About Unusual Presidential Greetings [VIDEO]

Former President George Bush was laid to rest today with a eulogy given by his son former president George W Bush that spoke a message of how his father managed our country by having kindness for all man kind, a message that all could take to heart and learn from. But that was before the […]

Bill Clinton’s Alleged Illegitimate Son Wants Monica Lewinsky Help? [VIDEO]

I Guess The GoFundMe Account Wasn’t Enough. Bill Clinton’s Alleged Illegitimate Son, Danney Williams, Wants Monica Lewinsky Help?? see video here

30 Year Old Man Claims He’s Bill Clinton’s Trick Baby And Can’t Afford A DNA Test [VIDEO]

A 30 year old man is claiming that he is the alleged trick baby of Bill Clinton and is trying to raise money to get a DNA test…see video here