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News & Updates

Experts Claim ‘Selfies’ May Cause Narcissism, Mental…

In an article for Psychology Today, doctor Pamela Rutledge says that taking selfies can be detrimental to a person’s mental health and that indulging in them is indicative of narcissism, low self… Read More

Lakers, Celtics and Knicks to Miss Playoffs: An NBA First!

We can only wonder what Los Angeles Lakers legends Elgin Baylor, Jerry West, Magic and Kareem and Kobe are thinking. As well as Boston Celtics greats Bill Russell, Hondo Havlicek, Larry Bird, the… Read More

Jada Pinkett-Smith Shows Her Naked Image in ‘Your Body Is…

Leave it to one Mrs. Jada Pinkett-Smith to show what class looks likeeven while lying naked on the couch in subtle light. Of course it helps tremendously that her toned bod is not bad on the eyes… Read More

Alonzo Mourning to be Inducted in the 2014 NBA Hall of Fame

Some really big news for Alonzo Mourning who won his NBA title with Miami Heat. He’s not only being inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame, but it’s a nice addition to being a board member of his alma… Read More

Terrell Owens Owes Uncle Sam $240K

Terrell Owens is in more trouble, this time with the IRS. Now we’re hearing the former NFL superstar wide receiver has been hit with a big ol’ tax bill for allegedly failing to pay nearly $250k in… Read More
Twitter response: "Bad Authentication data"

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