Kanye West Sunday Service Atlanta Was Real Church!!

Many people have been trying to figure out the whole Kanye West Sunday Service thing as of late as its following  growing.  From what has been reported his Sunday Service is typically just a musical service, with a phenomenal choir.  But there has been a shift in service as this past Sunday, Kanye’s Sunday Service […]

At What Age Is It Okay To Wear Makeup? #SamSylkShow

Word on the street is that Kanye West got in his wife, Kim Kardashian’s butt for allowing their six year old daughter, North West, to dibble and dabble in makeup. To some this shouldn’t even be a debate/argument, however to some it is. Because it’s the new millennium and things aren’t like they were in […]

Beyoncé Presents: Making The Gift [VIDEO]

Beyonce’ first documented and aired her history making performance at Coachella on Netflix titled Homecoming: A Film by Beyonce’ now tomorrow on ABC she will be doing much of the same as she releases Beyoncé Presents: Making The Gift, the making of her ‘Lion King: The Gift’ album in support of Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ […]

Trump Say’s The Word Loved Obama Because He Didn’t Make Them Pay!?

Unfortunately when it comes to number 45 when there isn’t anything intelligent to say or an intelligent answer to a problem he reverts to blaming 44. Donald Trump at a rally in North Carolina told the crowd that the reason leaders around the world loved President Barack Obama is because he didn’t make them pay […]

Girlfriends Reunion on Blackish After 11 Years

My girlfriends there through thick and thin will prove just that. Tracee Ellis Ross took to her social media to announce that there will be a feminist episode on Blackish and she needed her GIRLFRIENDS Golden Brooks, Persia White and Jill Marie Jones, to come on board for back up. After an abrupt end to […]

Angela Bassett’s Empowering Black Girls Rock 2019 Icon Award Speech [VIDEO]

A woman that has always chosen to conduct her path with purpose while not compromising her integrity in an industry that seems more often then not, especially for black female actresses, to hold purpose hostage in exchange for integrity, Angela Bassett has proven that not only can it be done, but you can/will be awarded […]

Happy Anniversary King & Queen James !!

Let us all rejoice in wishing a Happy Anniversary to Just Those Kids From Akron, King and Queen, LeBron and Savannah James. The ride or die, happy couple that were high school sweethearts from Akron, Ohio graduated from high school in 2003.  From there, LeBron James was drafted the number 1 pick in the NBA […]

Did Wendy Williams Just Admit That She Got With Notorious B.I.G!?

Black ugly as ever however, Wendy Williams, may have been the one that pee pee’d when she seen the Notorious B.I.G. An accusation, that came allegedly via Lil Kim, was put out there that, let’s just say, Wendy Williams got humped and dumped (that’s the cleanest way to put it) by Biggie Smalls back in […]

Hallelujah Kevin Hart Is Out Of Hospital And On To Rehab

When prayers go up blessings come down and that holds true for actor/comedian Kevin Hart, as it is being reported that after having a terrible car accident and receiving surgery for injuries suffered from it, Kevin Hart, has left the hospital and being admitted into rehab to undergo extensive rehabilitation. Kevin Hart was riding in […]

Trump Shows How Much He Cares, He Will Not Protect Bahamian People !?

When someone shows you themselves believe them –Maya Angelou The Bahamas last week experienced a destruction that no other has ever seen as a category 5 hurricane by the name of Dorian hovered over the Bahamas for days unleashing his wreath.  The scene of the Bahamas today looks like something out of a movie. Many […]