Central Park Five Korey Wise Actual Video Confession [VIDEO]

Thank’s to Ava DuVernay’s  docu-series streaming on Netflix ‘When They See Us’, we have been educated or for some reeducated about the story of the Central Park Five that as teenagers were accused, questioned without the presence of their parents then wrongfully convicted of raping and brutally beating a white woman in Central Park in […]

Police Officers And Journalists Injured In Memphis Riots [VIDEO]

US Marshall’s shot an unidentified man while trying to arrest him for a warrant yesterday in Memphis Tennessee. Shortly after a crowd of 300 protesters arrived on the city streets throwing objects which led to the injuries of about a dozen police officers and two journalists. Take a look at the video below

I Ain’t Mad At Wendy Williams, Get Your Cougar On!? [VIDEO]

Wendy Williams has had a ruff go at it since the beginning of 2019. Now that she is going through a divorce and loss of her business partner/manager, Kevin Hunter, what better way to get back to your happy, than to hunt down a young tender and get your love roll on. Go head Wendy […]

Central Park 5 Prosecutor Linda Fairstein Is Still Talking!?

I’m sure everyone has seen Ava DuVernay’s soul rattling docu-series streaming on Netflix ‘When They See Us’ about the injustice that was served to 5 young men in New York City after being accused of raping and brutally beating a woman in Central Park. The five men where later came to be known as the […]

Cuyahoga County Corrections Officers Caught On Camera !? [VIDEO]

This video is going viral. Cuyahoga County Jail corrections officers Nicholas Evans & Timothy Dugan were caught on camera punching a black man, 47 Terrance Debose, who was restrained. The Debose is being reported to be mentally ill. In the video below officer Nicholas Evans can be seen turning off his body cam right before […]

Black Woman Defends An Unarmed Black Man [VIDEO]

Thank GOD for a good woman and a cell phone after police surrounded a young man with their weapons drawn. A woman by the name of Sky, who’s boyfriend was killed by police observed William Ewell, 24, being apprehended for an alleged robbery-assault that took place. Ms. Sky took it upon herself to make sure […]

Helicopter Slams Into A New York City Skyscraper

A terrifying situation occurred as a helicopter slammed into a New York City skyscraper today. Amazingly there no injuries and only one fatality, that was of the pilot of the helicopter, Tim McCormack. Authorities say that this was not an act of terrorism. The helicopter was only in the 11 minutes when it crashed, and […]

Red Sox David Ortiz Ambushed And Shot In Dominican Republic [VIDEO]

Former Boston Red Sox baseball player David Ortiz was ambushed by a man outside a night club and shot at close range in the Dominican Republic. Ortiz’s father said his son is out of danger and that the bullet had not hit any major organ. It is also being reported that the shooting was the […]

New Music Alert: Tag Team Chris Brown & Drake ‘No Guidance’

When you are two of the hottest artist on the airwaves and you decide to team up to drop new music, you don’t need “No Guidance” to produce a hit.  And that’s exactly what Chris Brown and Drake did!! Chris Brown and Drake had been teasing folks a little with the notion that they were […]

Update: Bushwick Bill Still Alive!?

We don’t know what exactly is going on but here is what we do know the story that was previously posted was sourced from TMZ and Scareface that Bushwick Bill had passed away.  But now TMZ is retracting it’s story saying that allegedly Bushwick Bill’s son say’s the legendary Gheto Boy is still very much […]