Country Music Fans Boycott Wrangler Jeans Because Of A Rapper!?

  • By Sam Sylk
  • May 23, 2019
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Who new that it was HOT to wear Wranglers!? I don’t know what is stranger, the fact that Hip Hop is rockin Wrangler Jeans, or that Country music fans are so upset about it that they want to boycott Wrangler Jeans because of Hip Hop?

According to Page Six

The company Wrangler came under fire this week after launching a denim collaboration with rapper Lil Nas X, which is inspired by his hit song, “Old Town Road.” Fans have started boycotting the American manufacturer, claiming “true cowboys” would never wear the new duds — or listen to Lil Nas X.

Rapper Lil Nas single “Old Town Road” with a remix featuring Billy Ray Cyrus, is a funky twist that makes for a great Hip Hop meets Country track.  

Maybe some of these misinformed, uneducated in music, protesters need to take a field trip to the Smithsonian Folkways, a non-profit record label for the Smithsonian Institution to get a lesson on the influences of African American’s in country music before they go burning up their Wrangler Jeans.

Check out the video below