Trump Give Tiger Wood’s The ‘Presidential Medal of Freedom’ !?

  • By Sam Sylk
  • May 7, 2019
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Tiger Woods with one of the greatest come backs in sporting history, won the 2019 Masters of golf tournament earning him his 5th coveted Green Jacket plus making him the 2nd highest winner in that tournament history.  An accomplishment that many doubted after he stepped away from golf to deal with back issues.

So because of this historic feet President Trump invited Tiger Woods to the White House where he then awarded Tiger Woods with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in a White House Rose Garden ceremony.The Presidential Medal of Freedom is the highest civilian award in the United States  and is given to people who make an especially great contribution to American society.   

It has been well reported that NBA champions as well as NFL champions have said no thank you to the whole visiting the White House thing, many would just rather go to Disney (even if they didn’t have kids), or have a reindeer scratch them scrape them across the forehead, so it sounds pretty strange that Tiger accepted the invitation.   However he was ecstatic about the invitation and medal as he thanked the people closest to him, his kids, mother and his boo.

Take a look at the video below and then let us know what are your thoughts about Tiger Woods receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom after winning The Masters.