Floyd Mayweather Responds To T.I. Diss Track [VIDEO]

  • By Sam Sylk
  • February 15, 2019
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The rapper T.I. was appalled by Floyd Mayweathers choice to spend a lot of bands of a shopping spree at Gucci after Gucci produced a blackface turtleneck sweater. And not only did the boxer have a shopping spree he said he didn’t give a ‘d**m’ about all that stuff about Gucci and boycott’s.

So being the conscience brotha that T.I is he decided to drop some strong lyrical knowledge on Floyd Mayweather’s head.

But because Mayweather isn’t a rapper he did feel compelled to address the knowledge that was laid on wax. His response…he say’s people are hopscotch players that still watch the NFL and buy cloths at H&M, so what’s the problem.

Check out the video below