Bow Wow Got Bit By His Woman, Both Get Arrested

  • By Sam Sylk
  • February 5, 2019
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Bow Wow got into a fight with his girl, and it look like he lost and got arrested!? The question is, if you are in a toxic relationship, the woman physically attacks the man and you can see her results, should he have been arrested.

According to Bow Wow his girlfriend, Leslie Holden, was hanging all over another dude at a party so he asked he their home. That’s when the two ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ participants stories differ. Leslie says that Bow Wow hit her in the head then started dragging her.

Bow Wow’s story is a little different and looking at the mug shot it looks like he did get bit:

He claims he merely told Leslie to leave their home, and placed her bags by the door. He claims Leslie “grabbed a night stand lamp and threw it at him.” He says she missed with the lamp, but scratched the hell out of his face …

Both were arrested. It seems like Bow Wow’s bad boy image isn’t fairing well for him. Bow Wow was asked while leaving Magic City in Atlanta after being released what was going on and his response?? Check out the video below