R Kelly’s Child Jaya Kelly AKA Jaah Drops a Diss Track [VIDEO]

  • By Sam Sylk
  • January 24, 2019
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Greatness is formed in DNA and it appears that the greatness of story telling in R Kelly’s music has been passed down to his seed.

Robert Kelly and Drea Kelly’s child, Jaya Kelly, who is now known as, Jaah, has dropped a sample music diss track.  Jaah says since the airing of ‘Surviving R Kelly’ things have been getting ruff, so channeling the feelings of growing up as R Kelly’s child, putting pen to paper then to music was only natural.  

Jaah says with just moving to Georgia having studio equipment has been an issue but once that gets rectified the single will drop soon. 

Jaah is thankful for the support of family and friends and say they are going to be just Gucci Dawg.

Take a listen to a sample of the track and what Jaah had to say about it below