You Had Questions, Now Drea Kelly Is Answering Them!! [VIDEO]

  • By Sam Sylk
  • January 16, 2019
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After millions watched ‘Surviving R Kelly’, 90% of those millions of viewers had questions, of that 90% probably 89% probably had questions for R. Kelly’s ex-wife Andrea Kelly. Especially after a Facebook Live video surfaced of Drea Kelly surfaced with what appeared to be Drea Kelly jammin to her babies daddy song “Happy People” and for most that watched it, the thought was that not only was Drea happy but she was also happy for and about, her ex-husband Robert Kelly.

But Drea Kelly sat down with radio hosts Rick and Sasha for over 1 hour to let folks know not to get it twisted Stockholm Syndrome is real and its effects do linger without proper help.

Drea Kelly didn’t hold back or step away from any questions as she addressed, R Kelly’s relationship with his kids (or lack there of). She also talked about how things were cool in the beginning but do to her own rearing as it pertained to abuse, signs of the storm ahead were missed and if it weren’t for her children bringing things to her attention her demise may have been suicide.

Andrea Kelly also spoke of the book she is writing. It is not a tell all but rather a self help as she is reaching back for others that are looking for rope to pull them to hope.

Take a look at the live in studio video below, and please leave us your comments and or more questions that you might have.