Offset’s Side Boo Is Upset About Him And Cardi B’s Pending Divorce!? [VIDEO]

  • By Sam Sylk
  • December 6, 2018
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WTH!! This is so strange! Cardi B announced that she and Migos member Offset, her baby fawva, are not together any longer and will be getting a divorce. She made the announcement via an Instagram video in which she says she still has love for him but their relationship just isn’t working. Cardi B seemed calm and very matter of factly in her announcement however Offset’s mistress is NOT taking it well at all it appears. Offset’s mistress, who goes by the name of Summer Bunni was just distraught and in literal tears as she explained that she didn’t want them to break up nor does she want to be the reason for the season. Sounds crazy right? Well check it out for yourself here