Bunny Debarge Says Flag On The Play: Janet Jackson DNA Story Not Exactly True

  • By Sam Sylk
  • February 25, 2017
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It has been reported that a woman in Philadelphia a 96.7% DNA match to be Janets Jackson and James Debarge long hidden daughter. Well DeBarge’s sister has cone out and said that not only is that story not exactly true and her mother, Etterlene Debarge, may have been taken advantage of.

According to Bunny DeBarge via Facebook

To my Facebook friends that have question about the inside edition show last night. We DeBarge and especially my Brother James have nothing to do with what is being said. Speaking for my siblings we are totally embarrassed and are in no way in agreement with what is being done. James loves Janet and always will. He would not ever go out of his way to hurt her like this. This was done without our knowledge. My mother is 81 years old and apparently not doing well and we have to except this as a family. Prayer Warrior please pray for momma. The girl is in know way proven to be My brothers child. Some people will do anything for 15 min. of fame. This is a big joke people. The DNA only proves she is kin to my mother. Not one DeBarge child resemble this girl. We want it known that We are not connected to this mess.

She also says she and the DeBarge family have nothing but love for Janet {see her post below}

Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 8.19.01 AM

Janet just had a beautiful baby boy. We love her and all the Jacksons. The story of James and Janet child if there is one belongs to them to tell no one else. Then to show a pic of someone totally out the box. I want to say let this die. Kill it before it multiply! It deserves no attention. #thejacksons #janetjackson #thisrumormustdie #thedevilisalie #welovejanetjackson #stayinyourlane #nomoredisrespect #yourfiveminisup #leavemysisteralone