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What The…? Creature Washes Ashore (Can You Tell What it Is?)

*Yikes! What in the world is that in the photo above? It supposedly washed up on a beach in Santa Barbara, California, last week after the rains leaving those who live in the area and those just… Read More


(BlackMediaScoop) The ex-wife of former Dallas Cowboys star Deion Sanders was sentenced to 7 days in jail on Tuesday. District Judge Ray Wheless ruled that Pilar Sanders was in contempt of court when… Read More

6 Tips To Handling Those Annoying & Awkward Questions At…

Ahhh (more of an exhale than a scream–we know, it’s the holidays), it’s that time of year again. The holidays. And one of the best things about the holidays is that they bring family together.… Read More

Fake Michael Jordan Article Goes Viral Has People Mad at…

(BlackMediaScoop) “I signed up for a check. Not to save lives.” Michael Jordan, now the 4th most scoring NBA player seems to have pissed folks off with his comments about young people dying for a… Read More

Cosby’s Alleged Latest Victim Claims She Woke Up To Him…

Las Vegas-based model and dancer Chloe Goins may be the latest victim (number 24 or 25) of alleged sexual assault at the hands of fast-fading-icon Bill Cosby (pictured). Goins has recently come… Read More

President Obama Mends Broken Relations With Cuba

According to New York Times WASHINGTON — The United States will restore full diplomatic relations with Cuba and open an embassy in Havana for the first time in more than a half-century after the… Read More

Kevin Hart on Being Called a ‘Greedy Whore’: ‘I Protect My…

After being called a “whore” by a Sony exec in one of Sony’s recently leaked emails, Kevin Hart has taken to Instagram to defend himself. “Knowing your self worth is extremely important people,” Hart… Read More

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